Zelda van Rooyen


Hello, I am Zelda van Rooyen from Midrand, Johannesburg.

I joined the Mannatech #60days Meltdown Challenge, which started on the 6th of July 2020.

Before the Challenge we would eat fast foods at least twice a week. We had loads of pastas, breads and ate big portions of the wrong foods. Then the National Lockdown happened and I had more time for baking and cooking and, of course, eating a lot more. During this time I gained a lot of weight, felt extremely bloated and like a balloon.

When I read the posts of the #60days Meltdown Challenge I knew that I need to do this. In the beginning of the Challenge I said to myself that I am not doing this to win, I am doing this to loose (as I had a lot of centimeters to shake off).

It was hard work but it was all worth it. Saying no to something nice is what made this challenge so much worth it. With this challenge I realized that smaller portions are enough and I am still doing that.

Thank you Gerridene Berg for the amazing meal plan, I never ate such nice food in any previous diet. Thank you to the Support Team, without the support and assistance this would not have been easy.

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