Take great before-and-after photos

Take great before-and-after photos

Use the guidelines below to take your Before-and-After photos and send it as attachments by email to photos@truefatloss.co.za or via WhatsApp to   061 636 6434.

Tips to take before-and-after photos


  • Download and print the New You 60-day Challenge Accepted sign.
  • Take the picture in a room with good lighting and a high-quality camera.
  • Take BEFORE-and-AFTER photos in nearly identical conditions.
  • Take pictures in front of a bare wall with white or light background.
  • Try taking an AFTER photo weekly to see progression of fat loss over time.
  • Take a full body (including your head), front facing picture while standing up.
  • Use pictures with date stamps.
  • ONLY report results from the 60-day Transformation Challenge.


  • Wear baggy, loose fitting clothes making it difficult to see fat loss results.
  • Take pictures that cover your face or cut off your head.
  • Take your picture in front of a cluttered background.
  • Take pictures in a dark room.
  • Twist and turn your body during pictures.
  • Use pictures of results from other weight loss systems.


Click here to download and print the New You in 60 Challenge Accepted sign.