Forget about the scale

People are taught to think about weight loss by measuring their success in terms of pounds or kilograms lost. That’s not only an outdated way of thinking, it’s also scientifically inaccurate and inefficient.

Think about success in Centimeters!

Fat takes up significantly more space than muscle mass – approximately 20% more per kilogram than muscle does. So if you try to measure your success by simply standing on the scale, you’re not getting an accurate measurement of fat lost. However, measuring your body’s change in inches or centimeters offers the most accurate gauge of fat loss without using specialized equipment.

Think long-term results

It's no use to lose it all, just to gain it back a few months later. We discovered an all-natural peptide technology that employs a safe, effective and natural way for fat loss. This technology is innovative because some peptides help maintain your muscle mass and some help control your appetite and help convert stored fat into energy. That’s the real goal for anyone wishing to achieve truly healthy and lasting fat loss, not weight-loss.

Understanding Body Composition Index