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My experience during the 30 day Fat-loss Body Transformation challenge

by ANDRIES LOUW – Winner of the Men’s 30 Day Fatloss Body Transformation Challenge

I bought my monthly supply of TruPLENISH, Manna Tea, Catalyst and MannaCLEANSE.

I decided to supplement 2 meals a day with the TruPLENISH shake and follow the Low GI eating plan that was suggested by Mannatech. As I entered for the body transformation challenge I did moderate gym and Cardio exercises (no personal trainer) for no more than 20 minutes per day, and I did that 3 times a week as I was unfit and did not want to push myself too hard.

Week 1

The initial change from solid foods to shakes was a frightening thought to me as I expected severe feelings of hunger, however it was nothing like that. The only craving I really had was for the sugar as I normally have a sweet tooth and often indulge in sweets and chocolates. With the training added to my already long day, I must admit I felt tired at first with my body adjusting to the new eating plan (Low GI), and the odd headache made its presence felt towards day 3.

Week 2

After the first measurements were taken I was very positive as I had already lost some cm’s around my waist, and gained some around my arms and neck as the gym work and the high Protein content from the TruPLENISH showed their worth. However I did not lose so much weight at all. The next week my energy was back to normal and I had no cravings, my blood sugar was stable (WOW), the first time I did not experience the homicidal cravings for sweets during a diet … And my family could sleep easy as my overall mood was very different to previous fat-loss attempts – I could even manage to smile.

Week 3

The 2nd measurement again astounded me with even more cm’s melting away, but to my surprise I gained weight. I could not understand this but kept the faith in the system that up to now left me feeling energised and in an overall better state of mind, as even my cardiovascular performance in the Gym was improving. By this time I invested in some EM•PACT and that was a total game changer in the Gym area for me, literally felt as if I unlocked the fit person inside me when using this product. By this time I was used to my new eating plan and my body adjusted completely, I had zero cravings – even managed to stop drinking Soda and was in such a good head space that I wanted to keep doing this, for myself.

Week 4

3rd measurement, WOW the results are still coming in … I fit into some old trousers again and can visibly see the changes to my body, this is an awesome feeling for someone who had not trained for at least 2 years. Again the scale showed very little promise of weight loss and basically returned to my starting weight. By this time my muscle went from 39% to 42% and all the indicators showed that my body was getting all the nutrients it needed and more (in body scan performed in the Gym). I felt great and motivated to keep going as people started to notice the changes and compliments came in from work associates etc. At this stage my whole routine felt normal and still had no problem with substituting my meals with the shakes and cravings were a thing of the past.

Andries Louw before and after photographsD-day

Final measurements was taken and submitted and to my surprise I finally lost less than 1kg from my starting weight. When I saw the final photo compared to my first one, I was astounded. I felt so good with what I had achieved. However this is no longer a fat-loss challenge to me, but a new lifestyle as it is certainly very sustainable. I can still use my TruPLENISH shakes as meal replacements and Gym supplement due to the high nutritional value it has. The other products are amazing in supplying the extra boost of energy and keeping your gut healthy. This system transformed my body yes, but totally changed my mind in the way I think about fat loss and living a healthy Lifestyle.

Thank you Mannatech!


Posted in 2017.