Brunhilde Gerber winner: Body Transformation

Brünhilde Gerber


Struggling with several health issues, of which obesity was one due to a back injury and knee operation and weekly cortisone injections for three months. I was blowing up like a puffer fish and I don’t need to explain what it does to your confidence, when you pick up 50kg’s in less than a year. I spend thousands on dietician costs and the most awful things to eat with no success.

My journey with Mannatech started in 2018 when my friend introduced me to the wonderful products. While my weight was all I wanted to work on, her words were, look after your health first, the weight loss will come. While I believe in a low-gi lifestyle, it’s quick to default to takeaways, as we get busier with work and don’t have time to prepare food.

I joined the challenge last year after I have had significant changes in my health. During the challenge there were several challenging days where the people at work had birthday cake and takeaways for lunch … while I had my TruPlenish shake. Yes, there is a reason it is called a challenge, but in the end it’s a mindset. While I could see the cm’s still dropping after the challenge, I decided to join the 2020 challenge – after all I still had plenty of cm’s to go and the journey is better with others joining and who doesn’t like a good challenge.

After both challenges I decided to stick to most of the eating habits from the challenge and my cheating meals would be low-gi meals. Yes, I cheat with healthy meals and yes, I still have unhealthy things to eat and drink sometimes, but the next day, it’s back to the new normal.

My journey has given me the opportunity to inspire others struggling with weight and health issues. My mindset has changed from ‘I want to be skinny’, to ‘I want to be healthy’.

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Posted in 2020.