60 Day Meltdown Challenge

6 JULY  —  4 SEPTEMBER 2020

Do you want to go from a size 16 to a size 12 or turn your flab into fit and lean or ripped?

Enter the 60-day Meltdown Challenge now and transform into the "New You" you've only been dreaming about in the past! It's a WIN-WIN – lose centimeters, regain your optimal wellness and stand the chance to win a Cash prize, a Mannatech product hamper or a Voucher.

How do you start?

  • Complete the online entry form and choose your category – MAN or WOMAN.
  • Order products from your Mannatech Associate. OSOLEAN is required for taking part in the Challenge.
  • Submit Before photographs and starting measurements  ONE DAY  before the challenge starts.
  • If no particular person referred you, a Mannatech Team Lava representative will contact you.
  • Join us on Facebook for support and tips throughout this competition.
  • Participants will be added to the WhatsApp support group the Thursday before the Challenge starts, during which time the password for the Eating Plan will also be given.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Your privacy is important and all personal details and photographs submitted will be kept private. Read our Privacy Policy.
  2. Please send proof of payment by email to info@truefatloss.co.za.
  3. Read carefully through the requirements of the Before and After photographs before sending your images.
  4. Before photographs and measurements must reach us before 17h00 on Sunday, 5 July.
  5. After photographs and measurements must reach us before 17h00 on Monday 7 September.
  6. Before and After photographs must be sent by email to photos@truefatloss.co.za or via WhatsApp to   082 976 6161.
  7. Measurements must be submitted via this online form.
  8. The winning entry with the biggest transformation / most centimeters lost (by 4 September) will be announced on 21 September.