A new YOU awaits

Lose centimeters and gain health

You want to get rid of the stubborn centimeters but also want to retain muscle mass and bone density, right? The TrueFatLoss program is designed to help you lose those centimeters as you nourish your body with real-food nutrition that will improve your health.

A new YOU awaits

We guide you to create new, healthy habits that will give you more energy and vitality.

The TrueFatLoss program is suitable for both women and men. Women, picture yourself in a dress one size smaller or perhaps that bikini you've been eyeing! Men, picture yourself as you improve your personal best or looking fit and trim in the mirror.

You can decide to run at your own pace or you can enter the 60-day Transformation Challenge and stand the chance to an amazing Mannatech Product Hamper.

You are not alone

Join our Facebook support group where you will find inspiration and encouragement or encourage others with your successes. Or, if you have a more personal query, please contact us directly using the contact form provided on this page.

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